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Vibration Testing

Our Vibration Testing Services

Do you need your equipment tested for Vibration to meet RTCA-DO-160 certification requirements?

Thermodyne performs vibration testing on aircraft equipment to demonstrate that it complies with the applicable equipment performance standards when subjected to vibration.

Vibration tests, under Aerospace standard RTCA-DO-160, apply to equipment installed on fixed-wing propeller aircraft, fixed-wing turbojet, turbofan and propfan aircraft and helicopters. Thermodyne Engineering Ltd. has experience in providing vibration tests to a wide variety of components and equipment.

We offer the following vibration tests for the aerospace sector:

  • Standard Vibration
  • High Level-Short Duration Vibration
  • Robust Vibration

Trust the experts at Thermodyne to get your component certified through testing. To find out more about our Vibration testing for the aerospace industry, please contact us by Requesting a Quote.

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