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RTCA-DO-160 Aerospace Testing

Your One-Stop-Shop for Qualifying and Certifying Your Products for the Aerospace Market.

Aeronautical equipment and components require qualification testing to operate under real flight conditions.

At Thermodyne, we are experts at testing equipment and components to achieve commercial aerospace standards set out in RTCA-DO-160, such as: low temperature and pressure, vibration, shock and sustained acceleration.

By having engineering capabilities in-house, we can also:

  • Conduct engineering analysis, such as finite element analysis
  • Design and analyze custom test rigs
  • Develop innovative and customized test configurations and
  • Work with you to meet your qualification requirements for any type or size of product

Our RTCA-DO-160 testing capabilities include:

Temperature and Altitude
Temperature Variation
Operational Shock and Crash Safety
Explosion Proofness
Fluids Susceptibility
Sand and Dust
Fungus Resistance
Magnetic Effect
Power Input
Voltage Spike
Audio Frequency Conducted Susceptibility – Power Inputs
Induced Signal Susceptibility
Radio Frequency Susceptibility
Lightning Induced Transient Susceptibility
Lightning Direct Effects
Electrostatic Discharge
Customer-specified Tests

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