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Temperature and Altitude

Temperature and Altitude Testing

Our Temperature and Altitude Testing Services

Do you need your equipment tested for Temperature and Altitude to meet RTCA-DO-160 certification requirements?

Thermodyne Engineering Ltd. performs tests on material, components and systems to check whether the effects of temperature as well as low pressure or altitude affect performance.

These tests are conducted in accordance with RTCA-DO-160 for aerospace components that are intended for installation in controlled temperature and pressurized locations.

These tests can predict the safe operation of material and system under low or high temperature environments, which would indicate if the equipment is permanently or temporarily impaired of functioning.

These tests can also determine the physical, chemical and electrical characteristics of equipment in high altitude or low-pressure environments.

All tests are conducted strictly with ISO 9001-2015 Certified Quality Management System and, for military goods, Controlled Goods Program (CGP) regulations.

Trust the experts at Thermodyne to get your component certified through testing. To find out more about Temperature and Altitude testing, Request a Quote today.

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