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Fire Testing

Fire Testing Services

Thermodyne Engineering Ltd. is a global leader in fire testing.

Aircraft components and equipment are required to demonstrate their ability to resist fire or be fire
proof, and have their performance verified, before they are put into service.

Thermodyne is a world leader in fire testing. Our competitive advantage is our ability to meet tight
timelines and complicated test setups in order to meet our customers’ end goals. Since 1992, we have
provided top tier customers around the world with expert fire testing services.

We are one of the only companies in the world with two fire testing chambers dedicated to testing new
aircraft designed parts and assemblies. Our new and state-of-the-art fire testing facilities ensure
components meet stringent standards in the aerospace and military sectors. Our fire tests are all
conducted in accordance with ISO 2685, FAA AC 20-135, Transport Canada and/or other jurisdictional

Our fire test facility is unique in that we are able to replicate different environments to simulate actual
conditions that aircraft parts are going to be exposed to. These include:

  • Vacuum
  • High speed air
  • Vibration – both vertical and horizontal
  • Mechanical loading
  • Pressure
  • Use of jet fuel or gas systems

All tests are conducted strictly with ISO 9001-2015 Certified Quality Management System and, for
military goods, Controlled Goods Program (CGP) regulations.

Trust the experts at Thermodyne to get your component certified through testing. To find out more
about our Fire Testing, please contact us by Requesting a Quote

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