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Certification of Design Reports

Our Certification of Design Reports Service

Thermodyne is fully licensed to provide an independent review of design reports, calculations, designs, drawings and any engineering documents that pertain to equipment, structures, supports, etc. We certify them with our Professional Engineering Stamp for nuclear and non-nuclear applications.

All reviews are conducted to meet their applicable codes, standards and customer specifications. When a non-conformity is detected, we can provide suggestions and recommendations to help ensure compliance with the requirements that will satisfy an authority’s review.

We can also provide an engineering review of designs to ensure they meet appropriate safety standards and are fit for use in the nuclear, aerospace and military sectors.

Our engineers are trained and certified to conduct reviews of nuclear documents in accordance with ASME Section III, Appendix XXIII latest Edition.

Thermodyne Engineering Ltd. is also qualified to prepare new engineering design documents for our customers.
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