Thermodyne Engineering Limited is a Consulting Engineering, Certification and qualification Testing company. Our primary objective is to assist clients in designing and developing products, systems and processes, as well as enhancing their present technology.

We also perform qualification testing to bring products to a higher level of acceptance for Aerospace, Nuclear, Military, and other industrial uses.

We work in collaboration with our clients to achieve his goals. We make quick decisions because of our experience, expertise and knowledge and we have always a Dynamic Response to meet our clients demand.

We predict problems before they happen. We can link to our customers electronically with their design team and we are flexible in meeting their schedules

Our staff are early adopter to new technologies. We focus on the exact requirements of the client, very cost competitive because of our knowledge, experience and expertise We can do things faster and better which leads to inexpensive end product.

We have many success stories to tell about our performance. Our clients can dominate their product in the market by making it lighter, higher strength, least expensive.

If you are a manufacturer and want to supply your customers design/built products, then let us be part of your manufacturing processes and have a competitive advantage.

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