Vibration is encountered in almost any place. Its severity may cause considerable damage to machinery, structures, piping, buildings and anything related to them.

Thermodyne Engineering Ltd. is equipped with the state of the art techniques in analyzing, predicting and resolving vibration problems.

Machinery in general, rotating equipment in particular, create considerable amount of fatigue damage, or cause noise and vibration that cause unpleasant conditions to people and failure of equipment.

Vibration can be analyzed by testing and also by analysis. Thermodyne Engineering Ltd. has the capability of monitoring existing systems and simulating the model on computer and analyzing the different modes of vibration of the equipment and predicting stresses at different points within the system or providing information on frequencies for maintenance and repairs.

For example, piping systems are prone to vibration due to fluid movements, mechanical forces, relief valve opening, earthquakes and other causes. Knowledge about the vibration modes and resulting stresses can be used to solve potential failures and provide solutions to many other problems.

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