Stress Analysis is a tool to prevent failure in material.

Any equipment, structure, component, piping system, or alike are prone to failure if their stresses are not known. In order to determine correct stresses in material, Thermodyne Engineering Ltd. perform analysis of all type of material to determine if there will be any possibility of failure or in case of Code compliance, their function is to ensure that the equipment meet certain criteria required by Codes and Standards.

With its numerous years of experience, knowledge and use of high quality techniques, stresses can be determined very accurately.

Thermodyne Engineering Ltd. can provide you with the following:

  • Finite Element analysis.
  • Determination of deflections in a variety of modes.
  • Stresses due to shock, vibration earthquake, wind, thermal expansion and contraction, fatigue, creep, etc.
  • Code evaluation, such as ASME Section III, VIII, etc.
  • Piping system stress analysis and determining optimum location of supports.
  • Structural and Mechanical components analysis.

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