Based on the many years of experience in stress analysis and testing , Thermodyne Engineering Ltd. has gained considerable amount of knowledge in analyzing failures and determining their causes.

Failure investigation may include the following:

  • Metallurgical investigations, such as tensile, sharpy impact, grain size, homogeneity of material ingredients, etc.
  • Analysis of Heat effected zones.
  • Welding, including misuse of material, welding materials, procedures, heat treating.
  • Crack propagation and fracture mechanics.
  • Fatigue analysis.
  • Stress Analysis.
  • Finite Element Analysis.
  • Residual stress analysis of materials due to manufacturing processes, welding, forming, heat treating, and other causes.
  • Evaluation of loading conditions.
  • Vibration, shock and other mechanical factors, etc.

Thermodyne Engineering Ltd. performs extensive studies in metallurgy, stress, loading, simulation and other techniques to help the client understand the nature of failure and provide preventive solutions

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