Such tests are conducted to determine whether equipment, material, instrument, etc. are adversely affected by fungi under conditions favorable for their development, namely, high humidity, warm atmosphere and presence of inorganic salts.

Typical problem caused by Fungi growth on equipment in general are:

  • Microorganisms may degrade the substrate of the equipment reducing the surface tension and increasing moisture penetration into the equipment which may cause electrical or other malfunctions.
  • Organic acids produced by the fungi may cause metal corrosion, glass etching, hardening of lubricating materials and other physical and chemical changes.
  • Microorganisms may conduct electricity between components that my result in electrical failures.

Such tests are conducted by Thermodyne Engineering Ltd. in accordance with RTCA-DO-160 Section13 of RTCA/DO-160 for Category F Equipment.

RTCA/DO-160 is an acceptable standard for testing and application for Type Certificate or Supplement Type Certificate by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration.

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